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Alexandros Extra virgin olive oil tin can 5L


It is a fine category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil which acidity is up to 0,3% .

The vitamins and the polyphenols of the olive oil are found only in Extra Virgin olive Oil, since at the refined olive oil these nutrients are destroyed because of the treatment they are going under.

It has a pleasant aroma of freshly cut olives and intense fruity flavor.

It gives rich, intense flavor and aroma to salad dressings, vegetables, pasta sauces, marinades & bread. It can be served        fresh or as a condiment.

More than any other Greek product, olive oil has become synonymous with the very essence of the healthy Mediterranean diet.

Olive oil is known for its ingredients! 

The numerous health benefits, deriving from the olive fruits nutrients, turn olive oil into a daily necessity that should not be missing from any diet program. Among to others, its aging effects should not be missed out and the antioxidant properties as well help the digestion process.

Along with the above abilities, it also contributes to the absorption of the calcium and keeps the skin healthy.