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Uncle Chris Extra virgin olive oil pet 2L


It is a fine category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil which acidity is up to 0.4%

 We initially produce olive oil and then comes the standardization process, with no extra harmful procedure for the Extra Virgin olive oil.

 Cold-pressed, from the best fruit of the olive tree, it is the natural juice squeezed from olives one day after the harvest.

The characteristics of the olive oil remain untouched, with all the useful ingredients for the human body.The standardization process comes after the cold pressed treatment of the olive fruit. This way the organoleptic of the final product is rich in vitamins and all the nutrients an olive fruit can provide. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most beneficial fat, in comparison to all others consumed. Its salutary effect on human’s body development and protection, makes it the best in its category.

It is ideal for all cooking uses: dressings, sauces, roasts, side dishes and served fresh or as a condiment.