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''THROUGH OLIVE'' Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Superior Quality Acidity 0,2%  

''AMVRELIA'' Kalamata olive paste with oregano and lemon 

''AMVRELIA'' Green olives stuffed with carrot and red pepper 

It's unique ultra-thin category products. 

GIFT BOX: Wooden package in matt black color with golden Formwork!

Our olive oil is harvested by hand, transported fast and extracted cold. This process ensures the high level of naturally occurring chemical constituents found in our premium extra virgin oil.

We are dedicated in extracting the pure essence of nature. For us adapting to the modern world means blending traditional methods with careful analysis and esthetics.Natural substances responsible for the therapeutic effects and nutritional value olive oil exhibits.

With a golden green colour, a distinctive fragrance and a balanced fruity flavour, it provides a unique experience even for the most demanding palate. Freshly produced from the koroneiki variety which is considered one of the best in the world, free from preservatives and added chemicals, one of the best olive oils in the world, a true journey for the senses. ''THROUGH OLIVE'' Ultra Premium Olive Oil - The Highest Quality Standard Quality leader on the olive oil market.  ''THROUGH OLIVE'' Ultra Premium Olive Oil exceeds world standards for olive oil quality.


Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml - piece1
Kalamata olive paste with oregano and lemon 200ml - piece1
Green olives stuffed with carrot and red pepper 200ml - piece1