The Company



Our way as producers started 60 years ago,when we first began to cultivate our olive trees and trade olive oil. All these years, having gained experience and having values such as quality,creativity,responsibility and passion,we founded Through Olive.

Through Olive is a manufacturing and standardization company of extra virgin olive oil and has as its primary objective the production of extremely high quality products and at the same time their disposal. This has resulted in increasing demand for its products as well as it’s manning at the commercial sector in the inside as much as abroad.

Always with respect for the environment and no adverse effects on it, our fully equipped factory allows us to extract high quality olive oil with the cold press method.

We continually strive to be a successful company. Our company is committed to high quality products and services to our customers. Our company continuously carries out market research, and participates in initiatives to develop the sector and social purpose. We follow development strategies originality, and our goal is to empower our business capabilities in every way.

The people who have set up this company embrace and celebrate the benefits of olive oil to human health and they have made it their goal to share this knowledge with the world so that as many people as possible will benefit from it. Our skills are unique not only in cropping the olive fruit but also in cultivating the trees,processing the fruit and cold pressing. The company staff will be happy to inform you about our finest products which they too have come to know and appreciate while working here.

By sharing these few things about us we hope that you will try out our items feeling certain about their unique values and qualities. And…why not? In time , our company logo may become one of your household’s standards!