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The nature of the company allow us to treat raw materials with care and respect to the final product and our clients.

It is a full product treatment, from the olive tree culture to the olive oil standardization. That means that throughout the standardization process, olive oil is watched closely and handled with caution.

At the Greek market our products are known under the brand of    "Μπάρμπα Χρήστος" ,   while in foreing markets are known as    "Uncle Chris" ,    '' Ellin ''    and   "ALEXANDROS".

With respect to the enviroment and to our products, the newly equipped factory allows us to extract  Extra Virgin Olive Oil  by two phase extraction method.

By using this method, hazardous for the enviroment liquid wastes are avoided along with the negative effects of the warm water at the quality of the final product.

The olive oil varieties which are used for the extraction are the Manaki and Koroneiki. They are both known for their exeptional organoleptic characteristics, which are passed to Through Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The acidity of the olive oil is between 0,3% - 0,5%. The unique taste combined with the fine aroma and the characteristic aftertaste, makes our olive oil No1 in the preferences of our clients all over the world. 

The application HACCP - EN ISO 22000 : 2005 system we use, indicates and controls all possible dangers that can occur during all production phases, from the supply of the raw materials and the packaging materials to the distribution of the food products at the sales points.


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